Bloomsbury Street London

The Bloomsbury Street drainage works were designed by our in-house temporary works (TW) team.
Throughout the course of the project, the works were inspected on a daily basis by our temporary works supervisors (TWS), and overseen by our temporary works co-ordinators (TWCo), based on site. The new drainage to be installed by our highly skilled team.
Our highly experienced miners have overcome multiple challenges (e.g. hard breakout), and we look forward to completing another successful Lane CE project.
Two gangs working
Gang 1: Bloomsbury Street MH13-14 and thereafter MH15-16
3m deep, 2 x 2m shaft x 2, 15m heading, new sewer connection, new gullies 2 new manholes (above our shafts).
3m shafts, 2 x 2m shafts, approx 30m of heading, new sewer connections, new gullies, two new manholes to be built.
Gang 2: Bloomsbury Street MH09-10
3m deep shaft, 2 x 2m with an approx 30m of heading to connect the two shafts (to be MH09-10) new gullies to be installed.

Bloomsbury Street, London

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