Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London have approached us regarding a blocked FW manhole.
The previous company who tendered for the job assured our client that the only way to do the job is to open cut and install connection. This would cause a major obstacle for our client as this was/is the main road in and out of the compound.
We came with a different approach to the matter. We suggested a shaft and heading so therefore, not affecting the traffic and reduce the disruption to a minimum.
Once we sunk the shaft to 4.5m we started the heading leading to the FW main run and installation of new pipeline 11 meter in length.
Second stage was connecting a new run to the blocked FW manhole and connecting the pipes coming to an installed overall 11 meters of new pipeline.
Queen Mary University of London
“All I had to do was point this contractor at the job and it was done. The standard of design input and quality of work was truly outstanding. The attention to detail, especially from a H&S point of view, was fantastic. No worries about using them again.”
R Hodgson, Queen Mary University of London

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